Media Credential Request

To stream line the pass request for sporting events at Seminole High School, each media outlet is asked to submit reqest for credentials to each game. 

PLEASE NOTE: Request doesn’t guarantee credential.
Request must be in 48 hours prior to game/event. 

Seminole High School Athletics Media Credential Policy


  1. Credentials (press and photography passes) issued by the Seminole High School Athletics Department are required to cover Seminole High School Athletics at all regular season events which take place on the Seminole High School campus or an event in which Seminole High School Athletics has been assigned to distribute credentials, including but not limited to intercollegiate games/matches, scrimmages, practices, media availabilities and press conferences (“Seminole High School Athletics Events”).

  2. Credentials are provided to working members of the media to assist in the coverage of Seminole High School Athletics Events. Credentials do not imply any guarantee to access, are of limited duration, are not transferable, and are revocable.

  3. Loaning or transferring credentials to another may result in immediate permanent revocation of media credentials and ejection from the event of the original holder and unauthorized holder of the credentials.

  4. Failure to adhere to the requirements of this policy may result in revocation of credentials for the representative and their outlet. Media outlets will be held accountable for the actions, conduct and professionalism of all their credentialed personnel.

  5. All credentials are subject to space availability restrictions in working media areas at various facilities.

  6. Credentials must be displayed at all times during the media event. Daily credentials will be distributed by sports contacts and must be returned at the end of the media event.


Media credentials may be issued to working members of the media representing recognized media outlets in the business of news gathering/sports reporting as a primary function of their business.

  • (1) The types of media outlets eligible for credentials include: newspapers, yearbook, websites, magazines, wire services, television and radio.
  • (2) The dissemination of editorial content must be a primary purpose of the media outlet and the outlet must demonstrate a record of sustained, original coverage of high school sports, on a regular basis (typically at least weekly).
  • (3) Factors which will be considered in determining if an outlet is eligible for credentials include but are not limited to audience size, market share and editorial structure.
  • (4) Credentials will not be issued to representatives whose outlet exists solely as a platform for distributing unoriginal content (press releases, aggregate news sites, etc.)
  • (5) Online outlets should typically (a) be affiliated with a national or regional media organization; or, (b) host a website that provides substantial coverage of high school athletics and/or Seminole High School Athletics, and employs at least one full-time, permanent employee responsible for producing the site’s content. Outlets which are message boards without regular, substantial news/editorial/feature coverage by a full-time writer may be denied credentials.
  • (6) Credentials will not be issued for representatives from an outlet that does not have its own dedicated medium of distribution (e.g. outlets that primarily originate from a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account are not eligible for credentials.)
  • (7) Outlets whose working function is limited primarily to the recording and posting of full media availability sessions without any produced news/editorial/feature content may be denied.


Credentials issued hereunder authorize the use by the Credential Holders of any descriptions, accounts, photographs, films, audio or video recordings, or drawings of the Seminole High School Athletics Event solely for news and editorial coverage of the Event in accordance with this Policy. Any other use or attempted use of any coverage of the Seminole High School Athletic Event by the Credential Holder is prohibited, unless the Credential Holder has obtained the prior specific written permission for such other use. Any secondary or commercial use of any picture, audio description, film/tape, or drawing of any Seminole High School Athletics Events taken or made by the Credential Holder (including, but not limited to use in delayed editorial, advertising, sales promotion, or merchandising) is prohibited without prior specific written approval of Seminole High School Athletics.