Seminole boys drop Lyman

Trey Clark was a double winner at the SAC meet. PHOTO: Angel Rivera

Seminole downed Lyman in both Olympic and Traditional Style lifts 50-27 and 75-6 respectively . There was an abundance of Noles that placed in the top 3. 

119 class: Luis Ojeda 1st place traditional 

129 class: Lucas Santiago 1st place traditional 

139 class: Kyler Bennet 1st place traditional/2nd place Olympic 

Angel Rivera 1st place traditional/3rd place Olympic

Nathan Mcginley 2nd place Olympic/3rd place traditional

154 class: Lordvictor Maldonado 1st place Olympic and traditional 

Javien Thames 2nd place Olympic and traditional

169 class: Noah Gutch 1st place traditional 

Juan Berchal 2nd place Olympic and traditional

183 class: Roberto Castillo Jr. 1st place traditional/2nd place Olympic 

Sahil Patel 2nd place traditional/3rd place Olympic 

199 class: Kaeden Reyes 1st place traditional/2nd place Olympic 

Trey Clark 1st place Olympic 

Marshawn Taylor 2nd place traditional 

219 class: David Parks 2nd place traditional

Rasheem Turner Jr. 1st place traditional/2nd place Olympic 

238 class: David Sanchez 1st place Olympic/2nd place traditional 

Julian Rogers: 1st place traditional 

Heavyweight: Jayshon Woods 1st place traditional 

John McGhee 2nd place traditional